Command Bindings

There are several commands that can be binded to one or more keyboard keys, joystick buttons or switches within X-Plane. If you are not familiar with how to setup command shortcuts in X-Plane, please refer to the X-Plane Manual for more information.

Available X-Plane Commands:

  • Radio Push to Talk (PTT)
    Bind xPilot: Radio Push-To-Talk (PTT) command to transmit on a radio frequency while connected to the network.

  • Toggle Default X-Plane ATIS
    Bind xPilot: Toggle Default X-Plane ATIS command to enable or disable the default X-Plane ATIS. xPilot will automatically disable the default ATIS when connected to the network, but you may enable it again using this command (or via the xPilot plugin menu).

  • Toggle Nearby ATC Window
    Bind xPilot: Toggle Nearby ATC Window command to show or hide the Nearby ATC window.

  • Toggle Aircraft Labels
    Bind xPilot: Toggle Aircraft Labels command to show or hide aircraft labels.

  • Toggle Notification Panel
    Bind xPilot: Toggle Notification Panel command to show or hide the notification panel.

  • Toggle Message Console
    Bind xPilot: Toggle Message Console command to show or hide the text message console. See the note on Keyboard Key Bindings for limitations.

  • Toggle TCAS Control
    Bind xPilot: Toggle TCAS Control command to request or release TCAS control. If another plugin already owns the TCAS targets and doesn’t release them on request, xPilot will not have control.