What is xPilot?

xPilot is a versatile pilot client designed for X-Plane, supporting multiple platforms. It enables seamless connection to the VATSIM Network, allowing you to immerse yourself in virtual aviation, interact with other aircraft, and receive real-time air traffic control services.

What is VATSIM?

VATSIM, an acronym for the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, offers a comprehensive online platform that brings together virtual pilots from around the globe. Through VATSIM, flight simulators are interconnected, merging into a unified virtual world. This immersive environment includes simulated air traffic control services, delivering an unparalleled, true-to-life experience for passionate virtual aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Best of all, VATSIM is completely free, enabling users to indulge in the ultimate virtual aviation adventure from anywhere on the planet.

How do I download xPilot?

You can obtain the latest installer from the xPilot GitHub Release Page.