X-Plane Quit Unexpectedly

In the event of an unexpected quit or crash (referred to as a “Crash to Desktop” or CTD) in X-Plane, you can refer to the Log.txt file to determine the cause. The last line of the Log.txt will typically indicate the reason for the crash. If xPilot is responsible for the crash, the last line will end with --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: xPilot}==--.

Please note that the Log.txt file is overwritten each time you restart X-Plane. Therefore, it is crucial to make a copy of the Log.txt before restarting X-Plane if you wish to analyze the crash.

Additionally, X-Plane often generates crash reports in the Output/crash_reports directory. When reporting a crash, it is essential to include both the crash report and the Log.txt file. This information is vital for identifying the cause of the crash.