Private Messages

When you want to communicate privately with other users on VATSIM, such as pilots or controllers, you can use the private messaging feature. When a new private message is received, a tab will be added with the sender’s callsign, highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the tab will display the message area for that chat, and the tab text will turn white. If a new message arrives while the tab is not active, the tab will turn yellow again to indicate a new message.

To reply to a private message, simply type your message in the command line at the bottom of the chat tab and press enter. Your outgoing message will appear in the message area in cyan color. Incoming messages from the other user will appear in white.

You can initiate a private chat session by right-clicking on a controller in the controller list and selecting “Open Private Chat” from the context menu. This action will create a new tab for the chat, or switch to an existing tab if one already exists. You can then type your message and press enter to send it.

Alternatively, you can initiate a private chat session by using the .chat dot command. More information about dot commands can be found in the Dot Commands section.